Non-parametric mapping


My non-parametric mapping software (NPM) is a open source tool for rapidly analyzing brain imaging data. Peer reviewed articles describe the VLSM and VBM functions. This software can use multiple CPUs simultaneously, and in practice is typically much faster than other programs. Furthermore, it offers you the ability to try new statistical tests such as the Brunner Munzel test and Firth's Penalized Logistic Regression.

You can download NPM for Windows, Linux or Macintosh OSX,.

NPM is used to analyze brain imaging data. The test you will want to use depends on your images. If your images are binary (each voxel is either block or white, e.g. lesion maps where each voxel is either injured or spared), you will want to choose a command from the 'VLSM' menu. If your images are continuous (levels of gray, such as fractional anisotropy or gray matter probability maps) you will want to use the commands in the 'VBM' menu. I have written to brief tutorials for this software: To view the resulting images, you can use my MRIcron software. This will generate False Discovery Rate thresholds. Here are a few of the options available: npm